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Executive Leadership Coaching for Change

Companies today are expanding, down-sizing, re-engineering, or going global, yet they share a common feature - they are all touched by change. Some of that change will be evolutionary. Some will be revolutionary. Regardless of how change occurs, the way it is lead and managed will determine a company's success in the 21st century.

Success as a manager today requires competencies in both managing systems and leading people. An effective manager has to be good at focusing on a task, setting goals and providing structure. Total effectiveness also requires the capacity to lead, inspire, motivate and bring out the real potential of others. The goal of our leadership coaching processes is to help people in management roles become good transactional managers and even better transformational leaders. Both sets of competencies are needed for success in today's changing workplace.

Frank Petrock's mission is to assist your company's executives and managers in leading and managing that change through personalized, one-on-one coaching, to help make your organization more productive and a better place in which to work.

Call or email Dr. Petrock to have a free, no obligation consultation to see if coaching is the right approach for you or for the person you want to engage in a coaching relationship.

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